5 Ways the BC Liberals are Failing Students

Post-secondary education is in crisis and unless the government acts quickly, the consequences for British Columbia’s economy could be dire. The BC 2024 Labour Market Outlook predicts that 78 per cent of the projected one million job openings will require post-secondary education, but the funding to enable students to access the education they need to fill those jobs is not available. Here are 5 ways the BC Liberals are failing students.

1. Systematically removing operating grants, yet have been making more money off of tuition revenue than ever before.

2. Continuing to pursue job creation priorities that are irrelevant and out of date. The BC Liberals last attempt at these priorities ended up leaving many students, particularly in rural areas, without any career certainty after investing in their education.

3. They set a 2% cap on fee hikes, yet continue to allow tuition and service fees almost double this. Creative (read: sneaky) ways to get around this cap include temporarily closing programs down for “improvements” only to relaunch at a heftier price point a year or two later 

4. Meanwhile, there has been a 50% increase in administrators at post-secondary institutions since 2002, almost doubling the salary bill for this overhead.

5. All of this adds up to more individual student debt than ever before, and to add insult to injury the BC Liberals are in a serious state of denial about it, claiming 70% of students graduate debt-free (yeah right!)

You can let the BC government know how important this issue is by adding your name along with thousands of other British Columbians who will vote to support post-secondary education. There’s an election coming up on May 9th, and we need a change for BC students.