BC Government Announces Tuition Waivers for Former Youth in Care

This week, the government took a big step in making post-secondary education more affordable and accessible by expanding tuition waivers for former youth in care in BC.

This streamlines the previous patchwork of different programs and initiatives that provided varying degrees of tuition support to former youth in care at 11 of 25 post-secondary institutions. Previously, it fell to youth to navigate the system, trying to find  funding support where possible. In the 2015/16 school year, a total of roughly 150 former youth-in-care enrolled in tuition-waiver programs at the 12 post-secondary institutions that offered some form of them.

However with province-wide support, society is opening doors and enabling former youth-in-care to chase their dreams and aspirations, and to find new opportunities to improve their futures. The socio-economic impact is significant when you consider that 80 per cent of future jobs in BC will require some kind of post-secondary training.

Tuition waivers means that up to 900 per year former youth-in-care who reach age 19 across British Columbia have one less barrier to pursuing post-secondary training, and our society is one step closer to affordable and accessible post-secondary for all.