5 people who are totally you trying to pay off your student debt

BC students and their families are racking up huge debts related to the costs of college and university. 

1. Even Jerry Seinfeld would balk at the cost of tuition in BC. The cost of post-secondary education has gone up 400% since 2001.


2. Parks and Recreation’s April Ludgate knows how you feel. If you’re a recent grad, you’re struggling to cope with spiralling rent and living costs on top of paying back student loans.


3. You’re juggling a lot to get ahead and get the job and the future you want.


4. Like Girls’ Hannah Horvath, you can’t afford to work an unpaid internship because you’ve got bills to pay. Students are paying the price for majorly decreased funding for colleges and universities in British Columbia.


5. You know post-secondary education is reaching a crisis point, and it makes you want to scream like Michael Scott. You support reduced tuition fees and forgivable loans to students who give back to the province so they can get ahead in life.


There's a provincial election coming up on May 9, 2017. Unless we do something fast, BC is going to be a place where only the rich can afford to go to college or university. Pledge to vote for post-secondary education and tell the government you want them to lower the price of post-secondary education.