It’s time to Invest in Post-Secondary Education

It used to be that going to school gave you a leg up—it was the great equalizer.

For years our Colleges and Universities were the envy of the world. Regardless of who you are, where you live and how big your cheque book was, in BC you could get a good education.

But post-secondary education has been under attack, with programs being cut and our government is making it very expensive to go to school. And get this, while they have been laying off instructors, administration has increased by 50% and executive salaries have doubled.

Program cuts means too many students arrive on campus not able to get into the classes they need—including ESL training and Adult Basic Education. How will they compete in this world?

The BC Government says they want to make BC the most educated place on the continent and that 78% of jobs will need post-secondary education. So why have the BC Liberals made things worse by cutting per-student funding by 20% over the last 15 years? Every year student tuition fees go up and government funding goes down, and students are being left with crippling debts.

Unless we do something fast, BC is going to be a place where only the rich can afford to go College and University. Show your support and sign our education pledge. We need a government that has a plan, a plan to invest in people.