Comparing BC’s provincial parties and their post-secondary promises

The 2017 BC provincial election is nearing and it’s going to be close. In a recent op-ed in the Vancouver Sun, George Davison, president of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC, wrote:

Students are struggling, and we need to be talking about it. These are the people who will propel our province’s economy. Study after study shows that education and income are correlated. Education is a path to jobs. It follows that public policy should support education, because if more people are employed and earning higher wages, they’ll contribute more. But our province has been chronically underfunding education, using a lens that is short-sighted and biased.

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Vancouver declares Day of Awareness for Accessible Post-Secondary

While students are wrapping up the year and writing their final exams, the City of Vancouver held a ceremony today to declare April 25, 2017, Day of Awareness for Accessible Post-Secondary Education in Vancouver. 


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Why voting in the provincial election is the most empowering thing you can do

Affordability, housing, and good jobs are top of mind for BC voters like you and me. We’re studying and working hard to make ends meet and reach our goals. The cycle of juggling life, bills, school, and work is a grind, and the cost of living is getting higher.

This can’t go on forever. We need a change.

Photo by Adam Scotti/Flickr
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5 people who are totally you trying to pay off your student debt

BC students and their families are racking up huge debts related to the costs of college and university. 

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5 ways you can rock the vote for education

The provincial election is on May 9, here are five things you can do to get involved and support BC colleges and universities.

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Report Card: How did the BC Government Do in Education?

Everyone who wants to should be able to get an education, regardless of their income — and without being saddled with a lifetime of debt. It’s what we need for BC’s economy to thrive, and for families to build a better future. So, how does the BC Government measure up on investing in post-secondary education?

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Against the Odds: A BC Student’s Story

Last year's Education Contest generated stories of struggle and perseverance from students and graduates across British Columbia. Here, Ainslinn Barnes from Merritt, BC, shares her struggle to make ends meet while attending school.

Being a student in 2017, we are expected to live off of tiny student loans and put ourselves tens of thousands of dollars into debt to become productive members of society. 

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CORFA Bursaries

The College of the Rockies Faculty Association, with financial assistance and support from the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators, was able to award 54 bursaries at $500 each to well-deserving students. Congratulations to all recipients!

Find out more about the CORFA bursaries, and the bursary recipients (PDF)

View some of their amazing stories below.

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Who is ABE?

Who is ABE? It's British Columbians pursuing adult upgrading courses or ELL/ESL classes so they can find better opportunities and improve their job options. It's newcomers to Canada, veterans, single mothers, Aboriginal learners, and others — in other words, adult basic education students are diverse. What they have in common is a dedication to education. 

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Top 7 reasons BC should invest in post-secondary education — submitted by you

We asked British Columbians why post-secondary education matters. Hundreds of you wrote in and shared your thoughts on affordability, fairness, and an educated society!  


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