Report Card: How did the BC Government Do in Education?

Everyone who wants to should be able to get an education, regardless of their income — and without being saddled with a lifetime of debt. It’s what we need for BC’s economy to thrive, and for families to build a better future. So, how does the BC Government measure up on investing in post-secondary education?

OpentheDoors_ReportCard.pngThe Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC—representing 10,000 faculty and staff at BC universities, colleges, institutes, and private sectors institutions—looked at the facts on tuition fees, funding, student, debt, and adult basic education and ESL, and put together a Report Card.

Across the board, the BC Government gets failing grades for its performance in the last 15 years.

Students are getting less access to the schools and programs they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Our province – and our young people – deserve better than this. BC needs a government that will act now to lower the cost of post-secondary education, and make sure that students can access the programs they need to succeed, so that BC’s economy and local communities can flourish. Pledge to vote to open the doors to post-secondary on May 9.

Download the full Open the Doors Report Card on Post-Secondary Investment here.