Top 7 reasons BC should invest in post-secondary education — submitted by you

We asked British Columbians why post-secondary education matters. Hundreds of you wrote in and shared your thoughts on affordability, fairness, and an educated society!  


Many of you are struggling with the burden of sky-rocketing tuition fees. You think the government should make university and college free. Pamela Benson wrote:

The evidence is clear, education is an investment we can’t afford not to make. The social, mental and physical health, environmental and commercial benefits far outweigh the costs. Many countries are already providing free post secondary education. British Columbia could be the leader in Canada for educational benefits.

It’s getting too hard to get through the doors, says Laurel Collins:

Post-secondary education should be accessible to anyone who wants it, yet many people either can’t afford to go or have to take out massive loans and work multiple jobs in order to attend. We shouldn’t be making future generations go into debt for their education.

Lots of responses emphasized that education is more than a degree or certificate. It’s also about building life skills, critical thinking, and a resilient society. John Bruce told us:

It raised me and a lot of other poor children into the middle class and allowed me to live a better life than my parents. It gave me the skills to be a better citizen and person.

Karleen Meiklejohn wrote:

Education matters because it’s a door that opens to thousands of different worlds and new perspectives....We need education because it is the answer to all human struggles on all scales. Personally, education has allowed me to explore science, philosophy, the humanities and many other areas, and given me the knowledge and compassion to be a better human being.

Post-secondary education is also the path to jobs and better opportunities. For Courtney Korabek: is the difference between minimum wage and a salary, between the mall and a thrift store, between groceries and a food bank, between vacation time and unpaid leave, between rent and a mortgage, and mostly between a future and a standing present.

A fully-funded post-secondary system lifts people up, says Balbir Gurm:

It is well known fact that the education helps decrease the gap between the rich and the poor. It allows those wanting to learn achieve their goals and leads to a more democratic society.

Paul Young summed it up well with his short and sweet response:

The more we invest now in education the better all of our futures will be.

We couldn’t agree more. It’s time for the BC government to invest in post-secondary education. It’s time to invest in people. Take action to today and pledge your vote for a government that will open the doors for BC students.


Photo credit: University of the Fraser Valley/Flickr