Vancouver declares Day of Awareness for Accessible Post-Secondary

While students are wrapping up the year and writing their final exams, the City of Vancouver held a ceremony today to declare April 25, 2017, Day of Awareness for Accessible Post-Secondary Education in Vancouver. 


City Councillor Andrea Reimer issued the proclamation this afternoon, stating:

Whereas the City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy outlines the goals of life-long learning and especially to increase participation rates by 25% over 2014 levels;

And whereas the BC government predicts that 80% of all jobs will require some form or post-secondary education by 2024.

And whereas accessibility to post-secondary education is facing many challenges due to under-funding, including higher costs and greater competition for limited spaces, and changing demand for skills;

And whereas tens of thousands of post-secondary students are in their final exams across Vancouver on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 and are facing challenges of accessibility as they plan their next phases of learning:

Now, therefore, I, Gregor Robertson, Mayor of the City of Vancouver, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, April 25, 2017 as Day of Awareness for Accessible Post-Secondary Education in Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy states, “Lifelong learning is a key building block in promoting personal, social and societal well‑being....People engaged in lifelong learning are better prepared to participate in civic life and work collaboratively to address common challenges.” The City aims to increase participation in lifelong learning by 25% over 2014 levels by 2025.

Tuition revenues in BC have quadrupled since 2001, while funding has been reduced by 20 percent (after adjusting for inflation) in the same period. Vancouver is also losing adult learning facilities, which support vulnerable learners, as well as people changing careers, to upgrade their skills to keep up with a changing job market.

The upcoming provincial election will influence the people of Vancouver’s access to education for the next four years. Pledge to vote, and let’s send a message to all levels of government to keep the doors open to post-secondary education.