Who is ABE?

Who is ABE? It's British Columbians pursuing adult upgrading courses or ELL/ESL classes so they can find better opportunities and improve their job options. It's newcomers to Canada, veterans, single mothers, Aboriginal learners, and others — in other words, adult basic education students are diverse. What they have in common is a dedication to education. 

Unfortunately, enrolment in adult basic education classes in BC has declined since 2014, when the government started charging for these classes. ELL, ABE, and ASE students have to pay as much as $1,600 per semester to complete a high school diploma or upgrade courses. That's not fair.

Adult basic education is a right. It's time for the BC government to invest in post-secondary education. On May 9, vote for a government that will restore funding to ELL and ABE programs. Pledge your vote now.